My Background

      I was born in a small rural community in Southeastern Oklahoma during a time of great conflict. The United States had just experienced the “great depression” and was about to enter into World War 11.

I have always had a deep seated desire to see God. I could read at a very early age and spent most of my time reading the Old Testament Stories. I attended a small Nazarene Church, who was blessed with a wonderful Pastor we called “Sister Neal.”

When I graduated from High School, my husband and I moved to Houston, Texas where I attended John Osteen’s church. He was a Southern Baptist Minister who was instrumental in establishing the Charismatic Movement in the earth. His message was, “Pentecost is not a denomination, but an experience.” He was a dynamic and powerful influence in my life and it was there I was taught the grace of God and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost on March 19, 1959.

We left Houston in 1961 and moved back to Oklahoma. I was so disappointed because I could not find a church that could equal the church I left behind.

At the age of thirty, I had an “out of the body experience” and was pulled up into a place in God. Through this experience I learned that when we leave this mortal body, we have a spiritual body that continues to live on in another dimension.

I came in contact with a lady Minister, Irene Lindsey, who prayed for me in a service. The next day the Bible was a NEW BOOK ! It seemed as if I could see way down deep beyond what was written. Revelation in Word and Spirit began to come seemingly faster than I could absorb it all. I began to minister what was being revealed to me anywhere there was an open door.

In 1970 I began to Pastor “Kingdom Life Tabernacle” in Porter, Oklahoma.

When I left there I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where I founded “Word of Life Church” in 1974, which I have continued to Pastor over the years.

I evangelized across the United States for many years and in 2005 I was privileged to minister in the Philippines, India, Guatemala and Mexico. God moved miraculously in those meetings. The church continues to Support ministers in these nations.

God finished His work on the cross two thousand years ago and established it in eternity. On the day of Pentecost He returned to earth in the form of Spirit and indwells His people.

Through the indwelling Christ, I have witnessed many wondrous manifestations of Spirit. I have experienced many miracles in my life, the cures are so necessary to humanity, but there is a greater glory!

It is this Christ in you, which is the “Hope of that Glory.” In 1996, I was caught up into this Glory and for five and one-half hours I was one with Him.

It was a glorious experience and has become my message of the hour. The last trumpet is sounding today and all creation is hearing the voice of the Son of God

Alyce McPherson

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